Secret Double Octopus enables enterprise organization to transition away from passwords.  

This is achieved by combining strong password-free authentication with integration of all use cases into an enterprise authentication server.  
These use cases include SAML, RADIUS, LDAP, ActiveSync, REST API, Windows logo, Mac logon and others.

FIDO is becoming to be the standard protocol for (primarily biometric) user authentication.  With the introduction of the new Web Authentication, or Webauthn in short, standard, web applications developers also gain a standard method for biometric authentication.  

Using a hardware key supporting FIDO2 provides organizations a simple and cost effective solution to their users as well as a great solution for offline scenarios. 

Secret Double Octopus  enables organizations to take advantage of the FIDO2 newest features to ensure seamless user experience across all use cases. 

More Information

For more in-depth knowledge about Fido please see the following article in our blog: Your Complete Guide to FIDO, FIDO2 and WebAuthn 

Fido2 Certificate