Secret Double Octopus supports FIDO authentication, allowing users to access services quickly and easily. In addition to providing a fast login experience, FIDO authentication offers an excellent solution for situations in which users are working offline, have no mobile device, and so on.

This document provides system administrators with step-by-step instructions for configuring FIDO authentication settings. It also describes the end-user experience for FIDO registration and authentication.


  • Introduction 3
    • User Verification Overview 3
  • Configuring FIDO Settings in the Management Console 4
    • Selecting General FIDO Settings 4
    • Configuring FIDO Settings for Directories 5
  • Sending FIDO Enrollment Invitations 7
    • Sending Enrollment Invitations to a Group 7
    • Sending Enrollment Invitations to Individual Users 8
  • FIDO Authentication: End User Experience 9
    • Registration for FIDO Authentication 10
    • FIDO Authentication in the User Portal 1
    • Logging into Windows Workstations Using a FIDO Key 17
  • Appendix A: Supported FIDO Keys 20
  • Appendix B: Adding FIDO Metadata to the System 22