This new version is a major version and supports the following new features:

  1. Distributed Vault – Increases passwordless security by storing a device’s password securely encrypted in a vault in the server
  2.  3rd Party Offline OTP support - Expands support for One-Time Password (OTP) authenticators in offline operations
  3. Send Credentials option to 3rd party authentication – Allow flowless authentication and portal authentication on the workstation.
  4. ForgeRock Directory support – New directory type support
  5. Enhanced ADPA service integration – Active Directory Authentication service supports additional directories types (ForgeRock, OKTA, Oracle etc..)
  6. Auto Enrolled Group behavior enhancements - Increases options for automatically sending enrollment invitations to new users (Auto Enrollment)
  7. Set Password enhancement – increase productivity and improve usability for Admin and Help Desk personnel, the system automatically unlocks the user’s account after the password is set (in the event that the account had been locked).
  8. Enhanced FIDO key support - Supports additional types of FIDO keys.
  9. Enhanced OS support  - Supports RH 7.8 and CentOS 7.8. 
  10. Bug fixes