Version Highlights

Octopus Authentication Server version 4.6.4 provides extended support for third party authenticators, enhancements to the LDAP service, greater streamlining of the authentication experience and improved error messaging for authentication failures. The main features of the release are described below.

3rd Party Authenticator Plugins: Third-party authenticators are now built as plugins, enabling external developers to customize authenticators according to organizational requirements.

RSA Authenticator support: RSA is now a supported third-party authenticator, and the RSA plugin is provided as an out-of-the-box template in the Management Console.

Octopus Plugin for ForgeRock: The Octopus Authentication Node, now available in ForgeRock Marketplace, enhances authentication capabilities by allowing users to authenticate to ForgeRock using the Octopus Authenticator mobile app.

LDAP service enhancements: Improvements to the LDAP service include integration with a single, dedicated directory and support of passwordless authentication by transparently rotating the user’s password on the AD.

MC login directly from Users’ Portal: Users who are authorized to work with the Octopus Management Console (MC) can now access the MC directly from the Users’ Portal without having to re-authenticate.

Improved OTP buffering: To ensure a streamlined experience for users working

with Offline OTP, the authentication buffer has been extended.

Please refer to the attached document for learning about the many additional improvements included within this version.