Octopus Authentication for Windows is a credential provider for the Windows OS that

eliminates the need for the password used when logging onto Windows machines. Octopus Domain

Authentication completely replaces Active Directory passwords with high assurance,

password-free authentication paradigm.

Users log onto the domain using Octopus Authenticator for mobile devices, FIDO

Authenticator or one of the supported 3rd party authenticators (e.g., Okta Verify, ForgeRock).

Octopus for Windows also supports the ability to authenticate local users from Okta or

ForgeRock directories.

This new version contains the following new features highlights: 

  1. Credential Provider filter enabled by default
  2. Customized error messages
  3. Use Last User Name option 
  4. Generic 3rd party authenticator configuration
  5. Customized organization logo support
  6. New Advanced tab in MSI Updater
  7. Customized helpdesk numbers message
  8. Improved Offline OTP mechanism
  9. Passwordless authentication with OTP
  10. Account lock after Offline OTP password errors
  11. Support of two Offline OTP buffer sources

Package for Octopus Authentication for Windows V.3.3.048