Octopus Authentication for Android allows you to access workstations, remote services, cloud applications, and on-premise systems quickly and easily using passwordless authentication through your mobile device. Version 4.0 of the mobile app features a new, modernized look and feel, as well as updated and enhanced workflows. In addition, the design and screen flow of version 4.0 closely resemble those of the iOS app interface, in order to provide a consistent experience for users of both apps.

This document describes how to register (enroll) your device in the system and how to work with the new version of the Octopus Authenticator mobile app (version 4.0). To help ensure that your transition to version 4.0 is smooth, the differences between previous versions and the new one are emphasized and explained.

The following topics are covered:

  • Enrolling Your Mobile Device
  • Getting to Know the Home Page
  • Working with Authentication Requests
  • Viewing Your Authentication History
  • Accessing Account Credentials
  • Account Information and Troubleshooting