Octopus Desk version 3.5 significantly enhances the end-user experience by supporting a variety of new authentication options and offering additional self-service actions that users initiate directly from the desktop.

Octopus Desk now supports integration with Azure AD directories, enabling Passwordless authentication to Windows for Azure AD users.


This new version also offers increased control over the authentication process, including the option of requiring a stronger authentication flow for logins from unknown workstations. 

The Octopus Desktop adding new “Password Free Experience” enables customers to start deploying the Windows agent while maintaining control over the password, so they can continue to use it for other applications. In the Password Free flow, users will be required to enter the password for the first login. After one successful login, all other authentications will be Passwordless (the user simply selects the authenticator, and does not need to provide an additional identifier).

For more information please refer to the attached Release Notes.

The new version's S/W and guides can be obtained by login to the Support Center.