Announcement: Octopus Authentication Server 5.2.2 + Octopus Desk 3.6

Modified on Sun, 10 Jul 2022 at 09:00 PM

Octopus Authentication Server 5.2.2

Octopus Authentication Server version 5.2.2 features significant enhancements related to support of third-party authenticators and expansion of authentication methods, while providing a seamless user experience. This version also introduces a new method of storing user passwords, a further step in ensuring maximum security and data protection.

The enhanced Okta third-party plugin now supports login to Windows and the User Portal using a variety of two-factor authentication methods, including strong, passphrase, SMS or voice call. Passwordless authentication and OTP validation continue to be supported, giving the system admin the flexibility to configure an appropriate authentication method for each integrated directory.

In the new decentralized vault configuration, user passwords are stored on the Server in encrypted form, but cannot be decrypted by the Server. Decryption can occur only on the client side, using the private key of the user’s device. If an existing user adds a device, the Server automatically generates a new password and encrypts it for use with each of the user’s devices.
In order to support legacy workstations and Agents (such as Octopus Exchange and LDAP services), the Authentication Server works in Compatibility Mode, which is the default mode of operation until the system admin manually disables it. The warning popup that appears before Compatibility Mode is turned off reminds the admin that the action is irreversible and reinforces best practices.

To maintain productivity and avoid user authentication issues during AD migrations, Octopus Authentication Server now supports sending enrollment invitations to users whose accounts are disabled in the AD. All other actions are disabled.

An enhancement to the Bypass User feature now allows users without access to the mobile app to log into organizational platforms and services using a temporary bypass token + ForgeRock TOTP, avoiding the need to provide them with the actual AD password.

User Portal enhancements also reflect expanded third-party authenticator support and improved user experience. The Portal now supports integration with an external service provider, enabling users working with a third-party platform (e.g., Okta) to log into the Portal using their own identity provider. The new Service Provider tab displays the required integration parameters, simplifying and streamlining the integration process.

In addition, User Portal localization allows users to select a preferred language from a language list. Supported languages are English, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic.

Octopus Software package can be found in the following link

Octopus Desk 3.6 

Octopus Desk is a credential provider for the Windows OS that eliminates the need for password use when logging onto Windows machines or to the domain. Octopus Desk Domain authentication completely replaces Active Directory passwords with a high assurance, password-free authentication paradigm.

Users can log onto Windows workstations or the domain using the Octopus Authenticator mobile app, FIDO Authenticator or one of the supported 3rd party authenticators (e.g., Okta Verify, ForgeRock). Octopus Desk also supports various means of user verification for multi-factor authentication, such as OTP (one-time password), Voicecall, and codes sent to users via SMS or email.

New Features

Octopus Desk version 3.6.0 includes the following features:

  • [SSA-10010] Enhanced Okta authentication options – Octopus Desk now supports login to Windows using a variety of two-factor authentication methods, including strong, passphrase, SMS or voice call.

  • [SSA-10011] Kiosk support – Octopus Desk now supports Windows kiosk mode.

Octopus Desk 3.6 package can be found in the following link

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